Saturday, 13 October 2012

My red shawl

I just had an unnerving experience! Funnily enough it wasn't the fact that hubby woke me to tell me he'd found 3 empty packets of dihydrocodeine and suspected he'd overdosed but had no recollection. It wasn't the dogs when they started screaming because the ambulance had come. It wasn't even necessarily when Gareth came back upstairs to tell me the police were there and wanted to speak to me because I simply said no I'm not getting up! But I admit that hearing a WPC outside the bedroom door made me panic - mainly because the hall upstairs is a mess and I was thinking I wish I'd tidied it one night last week and picked up all the tissues that Henry (our youngest dog) tends to drag all over the house.

I pulled on my jeans and a top and went downstairs with her, clocking every tissue and un-hoovered inch of the hall and stairs in shame, but soon forgot all that when I got downstairs to a living room FULL of men as I realised I had no bra on - ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! There were 3 paramedics and a policeman as well as the WPC. I may as well have been topless! So I have to thank the universe that my red shawl was still on the couch from the crop I'd been to earlier because I grabbed it and covered myself up and sat on the couch awaiting the obviously necessary and vital questioning from the police.

Sitting in my own living with 5 strangers in uniform watching my dogs almost crazy with the prospect of 5 new friends to hump was indeed quite unnerving! Gareth arms were bright red, apparently codeine makes you itch like a madman and he's taken 42 of them so he's nearly ripping his skin off. Finally the paramedics took Gareth off to "caszch" as the paramedic called it in his scouse accent (casualty) and the police said they were staying behind! Aha I thought, the reason they got me up, they are going to ask me some deep and serious questions now. My name? er... Sian. My date of birth? ok. That's it?!!! Huh?! Yes that's it, please give Gareth our love (?!) and both of you take care. Now I'm just annoyed!!! Oh sorry there was one more question... do you sell crafts on the internet? Haha! All my stash I'd taken to a 12 hour scrapbooking crop that day is still downstairs. Good to know I have enough to open a small business though :o)

Then they went, making as much noise as is possible to wake up all the neighbours just to ensure that they've seen police arrive in the middle of the night. Siiiigh! So now I'm sat here still in the red shawl mainly because it's freezing and the heating doesn't come on until about 7am. Gareth just rang from the ambulance - those of you who read this blog know I require one question to be answered - are you going to die? He put me onto Colin the paramedic to explain everything clearly. I heard the word "line" and the word "toxicity" and I think the words "ride the codeine out" then Colin laughed about Gareth itching himself to death and put me back onto Gareth. I was none the wiser so I just asked Gareth to ask Colin if he was going to die - apparently he's not. Hopefully Colin knows what he's talking about. I may joke but I hate this and I won't rest properly until he's home again. Til then I'll sit here in my red shawl and try to keep warm especially as I may have to open a window the stench of aftershave in here is overwhelming!!!

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