Saturday, 5 October 2013

World Mental Health Day

Hollins Park hospital is hosting an event on Sunday 6th October at the start of the week that sees 2013 World Mental Health Day (10th October) and they are kindly letting me display a piece of art I've created as well as some poetry I've written. So here it all is:

I'm hoping you can read the poems by clicking on the pictures to enlarge them. 
If not, please comment and I will type them out under each one.

Gareth is setting them all out for me as I will be at home looking after the dogs so he will tell me afterwards whether they went down well or not. Fingers crossed!


  1. Sian, everything about this is heart wrenchingly beautiful x

  2. Sian, they are so moving, and in places heart-breaking too. I hope these move the people who take the time to read them the way they did me. You have such a talent xx

  3. These are wonderful .. how could anyone not be moved be them??

  4. Sian that is fantastic, the poems are very moving xxx